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Jingjia Chen (she/her)


Hi I’m a PhD student in EECS specialized in signal processing. Outside the campus, I enjoy trail running, swimming, biking and attending classical music concerts. Hope you enjoy the summer at Berkeley.

Michael Psenka (he/him)

psenka@ • website

I’m a 2nd year PhD student in BAIR–I currently work on representation learning in computer vision and robotics. I did my undergrad in math, and I continue to enjoy bringing my math nerdiness into my CS research. Outside of work, I play piano (& attempt at music production), Smash, chess, and snowboard.

Tarang Srivastava (he/him)

tarang.sriv@ • website

Hi! I’m a fourth year Math and CS double major. I have been a TA for 5 semesters and Head TA for 3, I’m very excited to be teaching yall this semester!

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Christine Fang (she/her)

Hi all! I’m Christine and my hobbies include- trying to eat healthier, hit the gym more, be social, and failing at a lot of the things that I try. But that’s ok because life is full of weird struggles :) I wish you all the best this summer!

Colby Chang (he/him/his)


I’m an incoming senior studying EECS with a minor in MSE. I like to make dioramas, play basketball, and rock climb! I also like movies and Halloween. Last year, I dressed up as Doja Cat from Moo!

Jet Situ (he/him)


Hi everyone! I’m Jet, a rising senior double majoring in EECS and Business. This will be my second semester TAing for 70, and my 5th semester on course staff. In my free time, I play the koto, a 13 string instrument, and also arrange pieces for an orchestra. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about anything!

Kiriaki (Korinna) Frangias (she/her)


Hello! I am a senior studying EECS and I am beyond excited to serve as a co-head TA for EECS70 this summer! My academic interests lie in theoretical ML and algorithmic game theory. In my free time, I love spending time with animals and reading (mostly poetry).

Nikki Suzani (she/her)


Hi! I’m Nikki, a CS and Data Science major at Cal. This is my first time TAing for CS70, and I’m super excited to meet y’all! In my free time, I like playing chess, doing the daily Wordle, drinking tea, and singing Taylor Swift’s entire discography on karaoke nights :)

Student Instructors

Axel Li (he/him/his)

I love nerding out, eating good food, and playing jugger. Feel free to contact me about anything!

Carlos Albors (he/him)


I’m an incoming second-year Ph.D. student in EECS interested in computational biology and machine learning. Before coming to Berkeley, I worked at the Broad Institute. I did my undergrad at Harvard, where I majored in (pure) math. Apart from research, I like to listen to music and practice guitar.

Evelyn Koo (she/her)

r_evelynkoo@ • website

Math and CS enjoyer that happens to do some teaching and writing. I can also be found cycling, reading (text)books, thinking about random probability questions, or trolling (in video games) (with) my friends. Happy to chat about CS 70 or anything - you can probably find me camping in Soda somewhere.

Gavin Zhang (he series)


Hey, I’m Gavin and I’m really excited to teach CS70! I’m super into Genshin Impact, Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - feel free to reach out to me about those, this course, or anything!

Liam Tan (he/him)


1st time TA and happy to help. Talk to me about Cs, lifting, or anything, really.

Michael Huang (he/him)

michael_huang1291@ • website

Ganas. It’s all we need. It’s Ganas.

Yu Long (he/him)

long_yu@ • website

Hi! I’m Yu, a rising sophomore in EECS major. Excited to meet n teach y’all this summer! In my part time I like to jog with my earphones plugged in, and I also do a lot of game dev stuff. Come talk to me if you want course-wise help or just wanna chat!


Ian Dong (he/him)

ihdong@ • website

Hi! My name is Ian, and I’m a second year majoring in computer science. In my free time, I love to play basketball, tennis, binging Netflix shows, and enjoying time with friends and family. I’m always looking to explore any TV shows to binge so hit me up with any suggestions. CS 70 was my favorite class and I hope it would be yours too.

Jason Sun (he/him/his)


Kevin Xu (he/him)


Lance Mathias (he/him/his)

lmathias@ • website

Hi! I’m a second-year CS major. Feel free to ask me about applications of CS70, astronomy, photography, hiking, or my dog!